Friday, September 29, 2017

Exactly…What is the Establishment?

Exactly…What is the Establishment?
Let’s consider for a moment that you are Joe or Jane Doaks….you live in a rural area of the country and your neighbors convince you that you are the person they would like to see most to represent them in the government.
You are flattered, you consider it and give in, find some supporters, make convincing speeches about all of the good you are planning on doing, manage to get elected and soon find your way to the hallowed halls of the congress of the state you live in or to the Congress of the United States.
Welcome to the club.
Because, that’s exactly what it is.
A club. An industry.
In case you haven’t realized it, politics is an industry.
Just like the medical, legal, banking or any other type of business.
Look at the US congress.
You think all of these members sit around each day and study and contemplate how they should be voting on the legislation that will affect you and me?
Think again.
Look up this web site for something I bet you never knew anything about.
The members of this industry are required to drive in money to support their respective parties.
If they want to stay in office and retain the support of their party.
Looking at this report, you will see a time schedule that wants these members to spend four (4) hours per day bringing in donations.
This compares to the two (2) hours per day suggested for meeting or discussion with the folks they represent.
It soon becomes obvious that regardless of the political party, the first responsibility of the congress person is to get re-elected, and not to respond to the wishes and whims of the people who sent them to political office.
Yes, friends, what we have here is an industry.
They work together, party together, vacation together and even stay together long after they leave office as lobbyists.
And you better believe they look out for each other.
Not for us.
Not for you and me.
The notion that they care about the average citizen is absurd. They don’t.
They care about themselves.
Why do you think the current president is having so much trouble with his own party right now?
Because he is not one of them.
He did not pay his dues and come into politics like the rest of them.
He is, (shudder!!!) a businessman.
Heaven forbid he should be in office.
He is a threat to all of them. Not just the opposition party, but also to his own party.
No one expected him to win the election last November.
All of you ‘deplorables’ need to just calm down and go back to the mines and let us (the media, the entertainment industry, the political establishment) run things because you are too simple minded to think for yourselves, much less run a big old country like the United States.
Sometimes I think the national motto should be changed to ‘Do as we say, not as we do.’
Are there some honest politicians out there working for us?
I am sure there are, but they are few and far between.
They also do not last long when they fail to toe the party line.
Nope, they have their perks…wonderful retirements, unbelievable health care. Dispensations of the rules we have to live under on a daily basis.
It’s a great industry, isn’t it?
Try getting anyone of them to discuss the value of term limits.
Never happen.
Try to get any congress person to discuss cutting the budget and actually doing it.
Never happen.
In 1984, under the presidency of Ronald Reagan, a business man named Peter Grace actually produced a report called, the Grace Commission.
Take a look at this and see for yourself.
Mr. Grace estimated that fully 1/3 of all government revenue (taxes) was wasted due to inefficiency and mismanagement.
His report was shelved and none of his recommendations were put into effect.
One can only guess as to how many oxen were gored by his recommendation.
The problem, as I see it, is one of an apathetic voter base who does little or nothing to force their elected representatives to make any serious changes in how the political ‘industry’ operates.
Shame on us.
We need to get off our couches, give up the nachos and do something.
We have this great tool, called the internet.
Lots of good information, some good, some bad, but lots of it.
It takes time and effort to sort through it to find the truth.
Then we need to talk to people, our kids, our church, our neighbors.
If they have a different opinion, fine. Take time to look at their point and see if they are valid or if you are actually correct.
This is not a sprint for the salvation of this country.
It is a marathon.

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