Monday, February 22, 2016

The Elephant in the Room

Nearly every day so far this year….. I have gotten into a discussion about the danger of Donald Trump…the success of Donald Trump or what will happen to this country if the Donald gets (or doesn’t get) elected. Is Trump abusive, abrasive, egotistical, brash, rude and just downright nasty sometimes? The answer is….yes, he is. So why is he resonating so well with so many voters in spite of his very visible shortcomings? Simple…. He is voicing what so many of us have wanted someone to say for so long. We are tired of the same old tired lies that have come out of the mouths of the folks we elect year after year. We have established and enabled an entire industry of professional politicians. Once they get there....they stay there. They never leave. Kind of like checking into The Hotel California. No sane politician wants to discuss immigration, social security, military build-up and the worst of them all…the out of control deficit. These are political suicide. Also …what kind of a nut funds his own campaign….without using millions freely given by large corporations or labor unions out of the goodness of their own hearts just for the sake of love of the United States? Seems to me we are in a sort of voter revolution….we are wanting to vote for anyone, no matter who it is….just so he or she is not a member of the elite establishment now residing in our nation’s capital. We have had our fill of these folks….good bye. We, the American public have to pay taxes….follow the rules, live within our budget…not so with the people in the political industry. And that is exactly what it is, an industry. Lawyers, lawmakers, governmental contractors, lobbyists, consultants, special interest groups, political action committees, labor unions, associations of everything you can think of under the sun, non-profit organizations, foreign government personnel, just to name a few, there are many more. These people’s lives and fortunes rely upon relationships and partnerships that have been forged and created for years, perhaps centuries with each other. You think after all these years, these people want to give up all they have invested both their time and money into creating only to lose it to some guy with a big mouth and weird hair? They are scared of Mr. Trump. Donald Trump is a threat to the status quo. He is not playing by the rules. He is an outsider. He could mess everything up. He isn’t being funded by those who have controlled the congress, as well as the office of the president for God know how many years? He isn’t making his moves based on the decisions of a few select individuals in some smoke filled hotel room. How many elections have been decided in those rooms in the past? Will he win? Who knows? Has he gotten the people in this country talking? You bet. Will it have any effect on the future? We will have to wait and see. But one thing is for sure…. We all know there is something big in the room with us …. Don’t we? Peary Perry