Tuesday, March 15, 2016

'THEY' Exist

“They” Exist!!!!!!!! How many times have you heard someone say …. ‘They’ did it.’ or ‘they’ said’? We have often questioned ourselves with the puzzling question of just who in the heck is this ‘they’ anyway? Where do ‘they’ live? What do ‘they’ do for a living? What do ‘they’ look like? Well, folks… here is a newsflash for you. THEY….are the establishment politicians living amongst us and supposedly looking out for us in Washington, D.C. But are THEY really? That is the question. Former governor Mike Huckabee was on the news this morning stating the obvious, this is not a good year to be thought of as a member of the ‘they’ group. He goes on to state that we are in the middle of a political revolution. I could not agree more. The people we have elected have set themselves up as an elite group without any concern for those of us in the trenches slugging it out in the muck and grime of our daily lives. We are not in the ‘in’ crowd that ‘they’ belong to. We do not get to fly first class or dine in expensive Georgetown restaurants at the expense of the taxpayers. Huckabee pointed out that the 6 richest counties in the nation are those next to our nation’s capital. He states that real estate is booming with houses selling for more than their asking prices. Not happening in my neighborhood…how about yours? Just as the frog gets slowly boiled in a gradually heating pot of water, so have the average America taxpayers. We did it to ourselves; we never questioned or paid much attention to what ‘they’ were doing for far too many years. Now the water is boiling and some of us are jumping out and escaping, much to the chagrin of those in public offices. Every day, some politician gets his hand caught in the national cookie jar and generally skates with a limp promise of… “It won’t happen again…” Why did it happen in the first place? Is it any wonder that people are fed up with self-serving professional politicians who have been sucking on the governmental teat for so long they cannot see how far removed they are from those of us struggling to pay rent, food and taxes? I suppose when you live in an Ivory Tower far above the maddening masses it is hard to identify with us average old Americans. The political establishment is in a flee or fight mode at this time, it appears they are absolutely astonished that those of us still able to fight would eventually get tired of their behavior and start to push back. How dare we? How dare we question their authority or their actions? How dare we ask about their insider deals or insider trading? How could we dare question their relationships with lobbyists and governmental contractors? How dare we question their voting records on matters that mean a lot to us and that concern our daily lives, but not theirs? Don’t we know who THEY are? Yes, yes we do.