Thursday, November 5, 2015

Run...the PC Police are coming for us!!!!!!

I am so happy I am the age I am at this time and not some youngster. I am very afraid that if I were in grade school today or in some corporation I would be headed for the principals office or to jail or a regular basis. I know I would have been sued multiple times over.  If I have offended you in some way or another over these past years because I am politically incorrect....please move along....nothing to see here.

This past week some poor six year old student in a Catholic school was suspended for making signs and gestures with his hands that represented a bow and arrow. Give me a break. I know you can't make a gun sign with your hand or you will surely land in PC prison ...but a bow and arrow? This is a kid for God's sake.
You think anyone was injured or actually threatened by a invisible bow and arrow? I suppose someone playing an invisible air guitar can be sued or punished for making too much noise. How are we supposed to handle the chop motions made by Atlanta Braves fans? I feel threatened just talking about 50,000 people doing this at one time in one place. Pure evil and it should be banned.

When I was a kid, we played (hold your breath) Cowboys and INDIANS!!!! Can you believe it? I guess now they would be called cowpersons and native Americans. Or cow people and something....I was told the other day that in some city in this country, part of the population objected to the police referring to people who break the law as CRIMINALS. Their argument was that these poor deprived individuals were humans just like the rest of us and should not be tainted by a label of any kind. I bet they have never been robbed or mugged.

I told some folks a month or so ago that I liked CHINESE food....they were appalled and suggested that I refer to anyone from that part of the world as an Asian. Yesterday, they wanted to go to lunch I said.. "Let's try that new ASIAN place down the street.." They were confused kidding....I find this kind of stuff very strange. when we want MEXICAN food...I don't know what to say, so I just make hand gestures to simulate eating a taco, but that got me into trouble as someone though I was threatening them with a fork.

I am confused and saddened by all of this....the PC police should be called the Pretty Crazy Police in my book....but I'm sure that isn't a correct term to be used to just keep your mouth shut and sit on your hands.