Thursday, May 5, 2016

Jesus for Everywhere….and everything....

. Last week, the California legislature refused to honor John Wayne because Mr. Wayne had made some derogatory remarks about some racial groups fifty years ago. “Off with his head…” That ninny, how could he have been that crass, that uncaring, that racist, that sexist, that insensitive, that foolish, that dumb…oh wait …let’s see he’s a human …right? So, we are going to condemn any and all for anything they may have said during their entire lives, is that the picture? Have we lost our collective minds or what? We can’t talk about God, Christmas, or just about any other thing without some group getting their panties in a wad and wanting to protest and tear down a building or set fire to a neighborhood or some tax payer funded police cars. Very smart….brilliant. I venture to say that all of us, I mean everyone of us has used some expression in the past or present that could be offensive to someone, somewhere, no matter how innocent we may have used it in our conversations. Hillary Clinton was talking about her husband the other day and said… ‘Sometimes he (Bill) went off the reservation.” An apparent reference or slur to American (Native) Indians, I suppose. Is the correct term Native Americans or can you use the word Indian any longer? I am so confused. I am surprised that the NBA, NFL, and MLB haven’t banned ticket (wait for it) scalpers from operating around their arenas since that word is, of course, verboten as well…Is verboten ok to say? So, here’s my proposal…if we take offense to poor old John Wayne giving out his OPINION which is his right as an American, then we need to avoid any references to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and a host of others since they made remarks over two hundred years ago that I am sure are offensive to someone, somewhere. This morning, the paper reports that folks in Egypt are protesting over the violence in the old ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoons…. It seems their behavior is unacceptable and promotes violence. I can’t help but think that this bodes ill for Wiley Coyote. Stock in the Acme Explosives Corporation will surely drop. As far as I can tell the only person that cannot be credited with any violence or wrongdoing, (unless you want to focus strictly on the money changers in the temple scene) is Jesus Christ. Let’s rename all of the buildings which represent failed and flawed humanity for any reason with HIS name and use Him as our benchmark for our future role model. Take those guys off the mountainside at Mt. Rushmore and replace with four images of Christ. Let’s eliminate violence from all television, movies, newspapers, internet, books, plays…well just about anything you can consider. If we write anything about anyone, you can bet it will be offensive to someone for some reason or another. Make a play or movie without any minorities involved….you will be criticized for not having enough minorities. Make the same play with the majority of the cast minority; then you get criticized for stereotyping minorities. Jesus for everything…my answer to the insanity that surrounds us.

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