Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Do The Right Thing

. After I graduated from police school in 1964, I was assigned to work in the patrol division while I was on probation. I asked one of the old hands for some words of wisdom that I should always remember. He told me in no uncertain terms…. “Never put yourself in any kind of a position where you could not or would not be comfortable with arresting someone is you had to do so..” In other words… ‘Do the right thing.’ Don’t take an offering of any kind, even a hamburger or some favor from anyone for any reason if it could jeopardize your ability to put someone in jail or file charges against them if it was necessary. I am watching as are most of you, the ongoing debacle with the Republican National Committee over the upcoming presidential nomination convention. As you know, the front runner in this race Donald Trump got beat out from any delegates from Colorado since the voters themselves did not vote for any delegates, the party choose who the delegates were to be. The chairman of the Republican Party was trying to spin the matter by saying the practice was allowed under the rules for that particular state. Try telling that to the millions who felt they were cheated out of the nomination process. Another spokesman made the comment that … “We (the RNC) pick the nominee, not the people.” Perhaps the rules do allow for this kind of action, but like most of you I thought we all got to participate in the nominating as well as the general election process. Apparently not. Apparently we, the lowly taxpayers, are not to be trusted with the power of the vote. Why we might actually choose and elect someone outside of the reining power base. Heaven forbid. So I suppose our votes are just really a sham so that we feel good and think we are actually helping to choose our national leadership….but not really, just let them vote and throw away the results since they are too stupid to know what is good for them. We do know, we have experience in running the country, The problems you see each day? Like the runaway deficient… ineffective foreign relations…poor defense results? We inherited those from the previous administration. Who inherited them from the one before them and so on and so on. No, we take zero responsibility for our actions, you see it isn’t about you…it’s about us. We don’t care to do the right thing….we are not interested in your problems, we have our own. Such as how to get our ill-gotten gains into safe offshore accounts now that Panama and Switzerland are no longer safe places for my cash stash. I know and I suspect you do as well know when we are doing something that just isn’t right. It comes from that small voice we have inside of us called a conscience. It disturbs me to believe that electing people to politics requires the suspension of your conscience. I don’t see much evidence of it otherwise.

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