Monday, October 19, 2015

A Nation of Fools

“Et Tu, Scott Walker?” So now we have the second drop out of the wanna be Republicans in the primary race for the presidential nomination coming next year. Walker has done a terrific job in cleaning up Wisconsin and surviving two attempts to remove him. All of this in a largely Democratic state. Not a small achievement by anyone’s means. He fought the unions and survived a hostile citizen takeover of the state capital and went on to live another day. Good for him. The field of potential candidates is vast and the road to Pennsylvania Avenue is narrow. I salute Gov. Walker for his ambition and his intestinal fortitude to have stayed the course this long. I cannot begin to imagine the stress and strain these kinds of ordeals can place on any one person. What I do want to say is that I would have a much better taste in my mouth if he had bowed out gracefully and without a ‘sour grapes’ bomb directed at the front runner of the day, Donald Trump. Let’s face it, Trump is antagonistic, egotistical, arrogant, brash and very out spoken and those are his good points. But how has he climbed to the top of the charts in such a short time and stayed there week after week in spite of one gaff or faux pas after another? Simple, finally someone has come along who has the chutzpah to talk about the elephants in the room that we had all been led to believe aren’t there. Immigration, tax reform, balanced budgets, military strength, race relations, education and foreign enemies or threats to our country to name a few. Our current crop of politicians seem to believe that if they keep ignoring these issues, somehow they will go away…or perhaps these elected elites can retire in luxury before any of these matters need to be addressed. Our people are not stupid. We might be dumb when it comes to picking our leaders, but look what we have had to choose from. Our choices have been narrowed to just pick the best of the worst. No, Trump may not be the best of the lot….but he has gotten everyone talking about the things we have on our minds and what matters the most to us. The focus of the remaining members of the group should be focused upon the ills of the past seven years and what will happen to our country if we elect another person inclined to repeat these grievous sins. The personalities will speak for themselves in the coming year as to what the American public likes or dislikes. Attacking Mr. Trump at this stage of the game is hardly productive to say the least. Mr. Walker could have scored some points in my book if he had welcomed the idea that even in today’s tech world … ‘Mr. Smith can Still Go to Washington.’ It’s about time. Peary Perry 9/23/15

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